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Just as students are required to take what they call Ethics Classes in High School, so too are students required to take classes in Academic Ethics. These classes teach that students should use the information on the internet for research but not for cheating, plagiarism, and other unethical behavior. Students are also taught that it is not OK to be obnoxious and to disrupt others in discussions. Students are also taught that certain topics are off limits and that they can have the internet but not the phone in class. The purpose of these classes is to teach students not only the right way to do things but also to teach them the proper codes of etiquette and honor, as well as teach them the right way to use the internet.


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sed expression for capturing one set of lines in a file and print to another file

I have a file with contents like this:
Stuff: This is stuff.
More: This is stuff too.

And I want to capture stuff and stuff to be stored in the file 1.out.
This is my desired output:
Stuff: This is stuff.
Stuff: This is stuff too.

I’ve tried the following but it’s not producing the desired result. It’s capturing the lines but printing out the first group of lines twice.
sed -r’s/.*stuff.//g’ > file1.out

I also tried the following, but I’m not sure why it didn’t work.
sed -r’s/.*stuff./stuff/g’ > file1.out

What am I missing? Thanks!


If you can assume that the first word is always Stuff, then you can also get the desired output with:
sed -n’s/^Stuff.*$/p/’ > file1.out

This will print the lines from the beginning of the file to the last line containing the word Stuff. This is not perfectly worded, and it will print lines which are between Stuff and other words.
If you only want to capture Stuff, but ignore everything else, then you can use:
sed -n ‘ 384a16bd22

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Provides an API for reading and writing keystrokes in text windows and select menus. The API is implemented in a set of.dproj files and is used as a key macro within an OLE package. The intent is to make it simple for other software to get keyboard events without having to know the difference between keys and characters.
Rahul Sharma
KEYMACRO Description:
This is an API for a set of strings that can be used to interact with the keys on a keyboard. Most of the functions provided are used in applications such as word processors and presentation software. The strings correspond to the functions and the keys that they operate on.
Rahul Sharma
KEYMACRO Description:
This is a unit that represents the state of one of the key caps on a keyboard. A keycap is a physical part of a keyboard, containing a set of keys and usually a mechanical switch.
Rahul Sharma
KEYMACRO Description:
The class provides a set of functions for dealing with keys. The API contains most of the functionality that is needed by an application, such as the ability to check if a key is pressed and how many times. It also allows you to read what the key is and also tell the user what the key is.
Rahul Sharma
KEYMACRO Description:
The Jitterbug API is designed to be a simple and high-level interface to the jitterbugs available for Microsoft Windows. It was designed to be used in applications that use the Microsoft Windows API for controlling and manipulating jitterbugs.
Rahul Sharma
KEYMACRO Description:
The keysyms API provides a set of functions for interacting with key mappings. This includes functions for checking what key has been pressed, what key was pressed and what characters are produced by pressing a key. It also allows you to remap a key and to find out if a key has a special meaning.
Rahul Sharma
KEYMACRO Description:
The Windows keyboard driver registers keysyms that correspond to the keys on a keyboard. It is used by applications to control and manipulate these keys.
Rahul Sharma
KEYMACRO Description:
The toolkit provides a set of functions for controlling the windows keymapping. It has functions for changing the keysyms corresponding to the keys

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