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A powerful macro recorder with a huge amount of features
The key idea of this software is to allow you to save and play a sequence of keystrokes. The tool offers a number of options to specify the actions and the controls to use.
The software is fully compatible with Windows and Mac. There are only minor issues regarding synchronization and keyboard types that must be taken into consideration.
You can save macros on your system or even on a memory stick. Furthermore, you can record and edit already defined actions. Keymacro allows you to record a wide range of actions and enjoy a level of convenience never seen before.
Additional features:
– simultaneous multiple recordings
– editing of recorded actions
– recording of keys, mouse clicks, accelerometer movements and other input data
– customizable keyboard
– ability to record mouse events and any other action performed on your computer
– Export macros in various formats for downloading and archiving
– Compatible with all Windows platforms and Mac
– Supports multiple recorders simultaneously
– Synchronization and activation is very simple
– Easy to use
You may want to learn more about the program in the manual that comes with the package.
RobotCab Description:
RobotCab is a light, easy to use robot control software for Windows. RobotCab allows users to control robots in a manner that is intuitive and easy to learn.
It also includes many advanced features that are not always available in simple robot control software. For example, an automatic learning mode allows robots to figure out how to perform certain actions by themselves. This is the most useful of all the features in RobotCab.
Additional features:
– Robot control. RobotCab has the most extensive robot control capabilities in a simple easy to use package.
– Automatic learning mode. It lets robots learn new actions.
– Built-in automation library.
– Built-in robot simulator.
– Intelligent robot tool tips.
– Interactive robot simulation.
– Robot firmware development.
– And much more.
You may want to learn more about the program in the manual that comes with the package.
Virtual Robotics IDE Description:
Virtual Robotics IDE (VRI) is a full-featured software development environment for robot control and sensor evaluation. It includes everything necessary to develop a complete robot program including robot control, vision processing, and sensor evaluation.
The most useful feature of VRI is its included robot simulator. This allows robot programmers to try out their ideas and see what works 384a16bd22

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