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KEYMACRO is an advanced software, that lets you customize your computer’s functions with the help of a Windows keyboard driver, and key macros. Key macros are available in many PC’s. In this article I’ll show you how you can use them to make your life easier.
KEYMACRO key menu can be accessed through your Keyboard Properties window.
Once you open it, the options found on the left side are arranged in two sections: Tabs and Tools. The Tabs section can be seen in this video:
1. Tabs – Contains an Excel-like file, containing key macros with the capacity to be added, removed, or edited.
2. Tools – Contains shortcuts of commonly used key macros, like copy/paste, cut, and print.
Here’s a video showing how the Key Macros tab works:
You can make edits to the existing key macros or create new ones. To do so, click the Edit button. A blank editor will open. You can change the name of the key macros to a more descriptive name, add new ones, edit existing ones, and delete any you no longer need.
To add a new one, click the Add button, and a new key macro will appear on the editor.
To remove a key macro from the list, click the Remove button. To edit a key macro, click the arrow button next to the one you want to edit.
You can make changes to any key macros you already have added to the list, by clicking on the arrow next to the one you want to edit.
Click the Back button to return to the main tab view.
To delete a key macro, click on the button on the right side of the editor and select Delete.
It is important to understand that, in Keymacro key menu, deleting a key macro will not delete the key, but it will make it so that it is not available in the list.
If you want to remove the key from your keyboard, click the Remove button and then press the Delete button. You can remove a key by clicking the Remove button and pressing the Delete key.
In this video we show you how to use Keymacro key menu:

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*Quickly create new Sass projects.
*Create your own style guide.
*Use it as a task manager.
*Syntax highlighting for Sass, SCSS and more!
*Edit your Sass files from a simple to-do list.
*Create shortcuts for favorite commands.
*Edit CSS properties directly from the interface.
*Create a style guide from your projects.
*Designer-oriented widgets and right-click menu.
*Import and export SVG or PSD.
*Create & import new snippets.
*Syntax-checking and error warnings.
*Dummy image & CSS conversion.
*And much more!
*In order to use Scout-App, you need to add it to your system PATH.
*In order to use Scout-App, you need to add it to your system PATH.
*In order to use Scout-App, you need to add it to your system PATH.
Scout-App is a free application that can be downloaded from the official website. The Scout-App website currently contains documentation and user support.
If you have any issues or questions with the application, please make sure to use the official webforms and contact support.

Major Features:
*Create projects, use them for web, web applications, desktop apps and more!
*Create stylesheets for web, web apps, desktop apps and more!
*Work with more than 35 languages and help with localization!
*Add Sass snippets for Sass, SCSS, CoffeeScript, ClojureScript and Sass variants.
*Save your Sass projects for future use.
*Import & export Sass, SCSS and more!
*All about Sass, SCSS, CoffeeScript, ClojureScript, TypeScript and Sass variants.
*Sass support and more!
*Create new snippets using the multiple choice interface.
*Create new Sass projects!
*Git support!
*Write proper compass & autoprefixer configurations.
*Syntax highlighting for Sass, SCSS and more!
*Choose between development and production environment.
*Organize your projects and create a style guide for your projects.
*Configure project configuration, IDE, language and more!
*Unlimited undo/redo.
*Search for text.
*Write documentations for the rest of the app.
*Shortcuts for favorite tasks and commands.
*Extend the app with different themes!

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