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Saturday, September 10, 2013

AMSU’s Claiming

There were many claims made in yesterday’s AMSU discussion.

There is a persistent myth out there that the AMSU is a forecaster
not qualified by NOAA. This is untrue. The AMSU uses the best
predictions (NOAA) that they can find.

They do not attempt to adjust the NOAA predictions but use what
they get. If NOAA had a questionable forecast, the AMSU will point
out the issue but it is the NOAA prediction that they use. If NOAA
makes a great forecast, they usually will make a note of the
outcome but otherwise, NOAA is how they determine how to treat the

Yes, they have a political agenda. This, is a point that the
“conservatives” are failing to realize. They are using the AMSU as
a political tool when it is not.

They are proving to be more political than anything else.

The AMSU comes from the same place as the hurricane center. If
you want to talk about forecasting, then you would be well served to
look at the hurricane center. They are used to deal with hurricanes
so this is where they are best qualified.

Although, they are not perfect, their main purpose is to save
lives. They are not trying to change the weather (which I understand
the AMSU is accused of).

The AMSU uses the forecast from the hurricane center, not the NHC.

It would be akin to the NHC claiming that all its decisions on
hurricane landfalls are purely scientific, when in fact 384a16bd22

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